Macochee EMS Trains 11 in Life-Saving Skills

Macochee EMS - 20130716 - Kroger NFC First Aid Class

Kroger Northern Floral Center employees receive training in First Aid skills

July 16th, 2013 (West Liberty, OH) – The West Liberty area is a safer place to live and work thanks to 11 local residents and employees who completed community safety courses offered by the Macochee Joint Ambulance District on Tuesday.

Seven employees of the Kroger Northern Floral Center in West Liberty completed both a CPR/AED (cardiopulmonary resuscitation / automated external defibrillator) module as well as a class covering basic first aid skills. The students completed both classes during an all-day training session held at their workplace. Another seven employees of the facility are slated to complete the same training a week later, on July 23rd. By successfully completing the training, these employees are contributing to the safety of their fellow workers, and also bring these important skills home to protect their families and neighbors.

Additionally, four local residents successfully completed a community CPR/AED training course offered Tuesday evening at the Green Hills Center in West Liberty. By mastering the potentially life-saving skills of CPR and AED use, these individuals have become an important part of the emergency medical team protecting our community.

The training completed was a part of the American Heart Association “Heartsaver” series of lay responder courses. The CPR/AED class teaches students life-saving skills including the assessment of cardiac emergencies, chest compressions, rescue breathing, and the appropriate use of the AED. The First Aid class provides additional training for the assessment and care of people suffering from medical, injury and environmental emergencies. All of the students successfully completed the training and qualified for an American Heart Association certification card.

Macochee EMS provides American Heart Association CPR and first aid training to the public through a partnership with Mary Rutan Hospital. As a service to the community, the Green Hills Retirement Community has graciously offered to allow the use of its facilities to accommodate this training. Those interested in attending an upcoming class may sign up online at

Residents of the levy-paying areas of the Macochee Joint Ambulance District may take the community classes at no cost. Non-residents are welcome to register, but must pay $25 to cover materials. The levy-paying areas include all of the Village of West Liberty, all of the Logan County townships of Liberty and Monroe, and those portions of Union Township that are a part of the District (the same as those portions that are within the West Liberty-Salem and Bellefontaine school districts). Macochee EMS also provides this training at cost upon request for employees of any business located within the district.

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